Our local Aussie Rules football club has a rich and storied history that stretches back since 1953, proudly representing our community’s passion for the sport.


Attadale Football Club was first founded in 1953.

Club symbol – “THE ACES”

Laurie Molloy, Mal Pitcher & Don Hume discussed forming a team, but soon after, Mr Pitcher could not continue with the idea. Later, Mr Hume became involved with East Fremantle, leaving Mr Molloy to Manage & Coach a 14’s team in the “Temperance League”.

Using Attadale State School navy Blue jumpers for the first 3 weeks to play such teams as South Fremantle, East Fremantle and Palmyra, Laurie was desperate for jumpers. He contacted Pellews (Drapers) in Fremantle and was told a set of jumpers could be sent from Melbourne for 30 Shillings each ($3 ea). Having no funds, he could pay later with some fundraising activities. Many chicken raffles finally cleared the debt. The colours of the jumpers were not known until the first available set was delivered – BLACK JUMPER with a RED HOOP.

1955 – 1958

The 14’s was coached by “Oscar” Howard being a prominent East Fremantle League Player.


1959 brought the introduction of a 12’s team coached by Robin Edgar. Unfortunately the first few games were forfeited due to a lack of numbers. The team eventually filled by the end of the season. They also had to share jumpers. The 14’s won our first Premiership coached by Les Capes.


The 12’s & 14’s under the title of “Attadale Sub Junior Football Club”. The same year a 16’s team was formed under the “Attadale Junior Football Club”. These were two separate clubs. The coach of the 16’s was Les Capes who was also elected President of the new club. Don Haines was secretary.


12’s was coached by Alan Pilling. Charlie Pratt coached the second 12’s side and continued to coach at the club for a further 25 years.


12’s side was coached by Charlie Pratt.


Showed an 18’s side coached by Joe Fergerson who was a League Field Umpire and later the 1st President of the WANFL Umpires Association. The 16’s team won another Premiership with Coach Les Capes.


12’s win their first premiership.


Saw Les Capes retire from coaching but with another Premiership.


18’s win their first premiership.


Made changes for the 12’s & 14’s training venue from Stock Road Melville Reserve to the Attadale Primary School Oval which was not marked or have goal posts. Beach sand was used for centre square & goal squares. Portable goal posts were used for some time. Jim Fannon built a stall to shelter fundraising.


Held a special meeting that brought the two clubs together. The FIRST PRESIDENT to be elected for the Attadale Football Club was Alan Pilling who once played for the East Fremantle Football Club. The 12’s reserves win a premiership.


18’s win a premiership.


Has another 18’s premiership. In the early 70’s a committee approached local council for an independent oval & clubrooms. Haig & Stoneham road reserve and surrounding areas were rejected. Finally, a reclaimed rubbish site on the riverside of Burke Drive was agreed upon.


15’s win their first premiership.

A combine committee from Attadale Football Club, Little Athletics & Netball with the Melville Council built the oval, change rooms, canteen & hall. Its was officially opened on the 9th March 1975 under the name of TROY PARK.

The first Manageress of the canteen was Beryl Trinnick. Dot Hooker took over for the next couple of seasons.


16’s win premiership.


18’s win premiership.


Two Attadale players made state selection being Linsay Martin 16’s & Robert Hooker 18’s.


16’s win premiership.


February 1980 provided the completion of lighting towers at Troy Park. Lamington drives, donations & interest free loans helped pay for the $6000 project. The 14’s also won a premiership this year.


12’s win premiership. President Rob Nunn & Secretary Leslie Crosbie worked tirelessly to have the club INCORPORATED.


Had 58 Auskick players, 9’s 10’s & 15’s combined Palmyra


Boasted Auskick ,9’s, 10’s, 11’s & 16’s combined with Palmyra that totals 124 registered players.


Had record number of 68 Auskick players, filled a 9’s, 10’s, 11’s, 12’s & combined 16’s team with Palmyra.


Had even a better year for numbers. (67) Auskick, two 9’s teams (34), 10’s (15), 11’s (19), 12’s (18) & 13’s (21) combined a total of 174 players.